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Benefits of CNG!

Environmentally Friendly, Reduced maintenance cost, CNG Produces significantly less Pollutants than petrol/diesel, natural gas is cheaper & safer than Petrol/diesel, Green fuel.


CNG is less likely to auto-ignite on hot surfaces, since it has a high auto-ignition temperature (540 degrees centigrade) and a narrow range (5%-15%) of in flammability.

Low operational cost

The operational cost of vehicles running on CNG, as compared to those running on other fuels, is significantly low.


Commonly referred to as the green fuel because of its lead and sulphur free character, CNG reduces harmful emissions thus reducing the effect of global warming

Eco friendly

The use of CNG significantly reduces harmful vehicular exhaust gas emissions like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other suspended particles.

of all time.

We are passionate about providing eco-friendly solutions through CNG fitment, e-rickshaw dealership, and solar panel installations.

At Puneet Auto Gas, our mission is to contribute towards a sustainable future by promoting cleaner and greener alternatives for transportation and energy generation. With our expertise in CNG fitment, we ensure the smooth conversion of vehicles to compressed natural gas, reducing harmful emissions and fuel costs.


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Puneet Auto Gas Pvt. Ltd. Company is the only company providing New CNG Kit Installation in Car & Auto. Also CNG Cylinder Hydrotesting Services in Lucknow since many years. Ashwini Maurya
This shop is very good for fitting of CNG kit in automobiles and other accessories too. All the staffs are customer friendly and very honest too. Santosh Mishra
Puneet Autogas is excellent and having great knowledge and experience in CNG fitting it is good I have done in my car and till now no problem is been occurred good technician and having good amount of knowledge in fitting CNG. Jay Kumar Singh
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How does CNG differ from regular gasoline?

CNG is a cleaner fuel, emitting lower levels of harmful pollutants compared to gasoline. It is also more environmentally friendly as it produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions. CNG is obtained from natural gas reserves instead of crude oil, making it a more sustainable and abundant resource.

Is CNG a more environmentally friendly fuel option?

Yes, CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) is indeed a more environmentally friendly fuel option. It produces fewer emissions compared to traditional fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel.

What are the advantages of using CNG?

There are several advantages of using CNG. It is a much cleaner fuel compared to gasoline or diesel, resulting in lower emissions of pollutants and greenhouse gases. This means that using CNG can contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment. Additionally, CNG is generally more affordable compared to traditional fuels, resulting in potential cost savings. It is also a domestically-produced fuel source, thereby reducing dependence on imported oil. Moreover, CNG has a higher octane rating, which can lead to better engine performance and efficiency. Overall, using CNG can bring numerous benefits such as reducing pollution, saving money, promoting energy independence, and improving vehicle performance.

How widely available is CNG refueling infrastructure?

CNG refueling infrastructure is becoming more widely available these days. Many gas stations now offer CNG refueling stations alongside traditional gasoline and diesel pumps. The availability of CNG refueling infrastructure varies depending on the region and country, but it is continually growing. It is also worth mentioning that some dedicated CNG stations, specifically built for servicing CNG vehicles, are also being established in different areas.

I have a petrol car, can I install a CNG kit? Will my car continue running on petrol too?

The answer is yes. All spark-ignited engines can be converted to CNG, but a specially designed conversion kit is required for the purpose. And after conversion to CNG the vehicle can also run on petrol or diesel (depending upon the model of the car) whenever desired simply by flicking a switch on the dashboard.

Is it too expensive to convert a vehicle to CNG-friendly?

It is not very expensiave. Moreover the cost of CNG is comparatively much less than Petrol which makes it more useful and beneficial. The cost of converting a vehicle to CNG depends on its type and make. The fuel bill on the basis of average running of vehicle is reduced by 50 percent approximately after conversion of CNG at the present price of CNG & Petrol.

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